I am a GP partner at a mid-sized dispensing practice who has recently taken over the running of the dispensary. I realised that profits, that help keep our practice afloat, had been dropping over the last few years. The opportunity arose for Prad and his DDS team to conduct an in depth audit of the dispensary operations, we are so glad that we did ..it was an eye opener.

Over the period of a day, with minimal preparation by – and disruption of – the practice, the DDS team conducted a detailed audit of the dispensary. The team’s report was an eye opener and the detailed action plan to restore the dispensary profit margins clear and easy to follow.

We are now some three months into the process of turnaround and have been supported by Prad and his DDS team superbly during the transition process. Many changes have been implemented: wholesaler, ordering processes with a greater awareness amongst medical and nursing staffs of the importance of sticking to the practice formulary. Furthermore, the changes that have been recommended by DDS do not conflict with the CCGs formulary preferences. A win- win scenario.

GP Partner – Midlands GP practice

We are delighted with the results that having a Dispensing Doctor Solutions (DDS) dispensary review has produced over the past year. Our net profit has risen by 17% and is now up to 30%. The audit and consultancy looking at our dispensary operation, buying practices, stock holding levels and review of formulary choices, together with implementation of the practice specific action plan has produced these results for us and have also impacted favourably on our prescribing costs. Thanks to DDS and the team!

GP Lead for Dispensing – Worcestershire Practice

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