Drug Tariff News

2nd June 2023 - Source: Amanda Chell

Additions to Part 2

There were no additions to Part 2 in the May Drug Tariff.

Additions to Part 8a

Only 4 items have been added to the May Drug Tariff- ones which I think you will find of interest are:

Drospirenone 3mg / Estetrol 14.2mg tablets have gone into the Drug Tariff as a Category C item with the reimbursement price based on Drovelis. I believe this is a contraceptive treatment however Drovelis has not been added to Part 16 (Free Contraception). In this instance, if you dispense Drovelis as a Contraception, you will need to endorse CC to advise this is a free prescription.

Netilmicin 3mg/ml eye drops 0.3ml unit dose has gone into the drug tariff as a category C item with the reimbursement price based on Nettacin. Pack size 15 and has special container rules.

Deletions to Part 8a

45 items have been deleted from the May Drug Tariff- DDS would advise checking the Drug Tariff yourself, however ones which I think you will find of interest are:

  • Blackcurrant syrup
  • Isopropyl alcohol 70% liquid
  • Yellow soft paraffin solid

Items which have been removed from the Drug Tariff part 8A can still be prescribed and dispensed but you will need to endorse the prescription with manufacturer, pack size and price paid.

Other Changes to Part 8a

9 items are listed in ‘Other Changes, below are a few items which you may find of interest:

  • Colecalciferol 10,000unit capsules, pack size 20 has moved from a Category C to a Category A but the reimbursement has increased slightly.
  • Dronedarone 400mg tablets has moved from a Category C with the reimbursement based on Multaqq, is now sitting as a category A. The reimbursement price has stayed the same and purchase price of the generic is currently the same as the brand.
  • Nadolol 80mg tablets has remained as a Category C item. Previously the reimbursement price was based on Corgard, but is now based on Neon Healthcare Ltd. Currently there doesn’t appear to be a generic available but the brand Corgard is still available. DDS would advise to prescribe generically – the reimbursement would currently be £14.45 and dispense Corgard at £6.00 – making a healthy profit!