8th September 2022 - Source: Amanda Chell

Hi Amanda,

Please can you let me know how many dispensing fees we would get for the item below and how many prescription charges should I take from the patient?

Activa leg ulcer hoisery kit

closed toe compression liner pack XL sand

1 pack of 3 pieces

Hi there, I have checked on Dictionary of Medicines and Devices and its telling me one prescription charge and one dispensing fee.

Hi Amanda,

Hope you are well.  Please can you help with the question below.  My understanding is that there is not VAT on private RX’s except if they are Vet scripts, can you confirm?

Dispensing doctors do have to charge VAT on private prescriptions @ 20% which is different to pharmacy – they don’t have to charge VAT.

Most practices have a formula for pricing up the private prescription and then add VAT at the end.

Hi Amanda

How are you?

Please can you confirm where we are supposed to be purchasing our Prostap from?

Hi there, Prostap is available through all 3 mainline wholesalers but the only wholesaler who is offering a deal on Prostap is Alliance but I am yet to find out what the discount amounts to. Prostap is not a solus product so will not fall into the bracket of TPOS (third party ordering).