4th October 2021 - Source: Amanda Chell

Hi Amanda, just wondered if you could help me with something? I am trying to find the list price of Cialis but I can only find the generic price for Tadalafil in the Drug Tariff! What am I doing wrong – where will I find the list price of Cialis?

Hi there, Cialis lost its patent a few years ago and the generic Tadalafil sits in the Drug Tariff as a Category M. If you want the list price of Cialis, then you will need to look on DMD (Dictionary of Medicines and Devices).

Hi Amanda, I was wondering if you could help me with a little query……As you know we are a dispensing doctors, and sometimes we issue private prescriptions for sildenafil etc.  Most of our patients have it on FP10 for medical reasons, but some do have to pay.  We have been told that ALL should now be on FP10 and no one should be paying.  Is this true, as this is a bit of an income for us?

Could you please confirm?

Sildenafil (generic) is off the SLS scheme and can be prescribed for anyone and should be prescribed on FP10.

Other ED drugs including Viagra (brand) are still under the SLS scheme and so have to hit certain criteria listed in the drug tariff to have the items on a FP10.

(SLS stands for Selected List Scheme).

Hi Amanda, can I ask a quick question? Can a contraceptive item be on the same prescription as another item?

Yes, it can be but if the patient pays, it’s easier to have exempt items separately.