7th December 2021 - Source: Amanda Chell

Hi Amanda, please can I please check something with you? Mometasone cream 30g has a Drug Tariff reimbursement of £2.45. I cannot find a good price in any of wholesalers/shortline suppliers. I have therefore checked the Elocon brand which you can buy as a Parallel Import from a Shortline company at £ 2.70. Am I correct in assuming that we will get reimbursed DM+d price of £4.80 less 11.8% if we decided to prescribe the Elocon brand?

You are correct, if the prescription is written as the brand Elocon, you will get reimbursed list price of £4.80 less clawback.

The PI at £2.70 is a good option and healthy profit and you will of course get the dispensing fee!!

Hi Amanda, just wanted to check something– Co-amilofruse was listed last month on your ‘Generics above Tariff’ but I could purchase the brand Frumil which was much cheaper- can I dispense this against a generic prescription which would give me a profit margin?

Yes of course, if Frumil is under tariff, then purchase the brand.

Hi Amanda A quick query please. I have a prescription  which has listed on it as follows:-

 Pro-Cal shot banana (Vitaflo) International Ltd) (ACBS)

Am I right in thinking that the letters ACBS allows for it to be on an FP10?

ACBS stands for Advisory Committee on Borderline Substances and it is where certain foods and toilet preparations have characteristics of Drugs and so are allowed on FP10 – so yes you are correct.