7th January 2022 - Source: Amanda Chell

Hi Amanda, please can I check something with you? Can you tell me if Tetracaine and Fluorescein eye drops are classed as Personally Administered items?

I have checked Dictionary of Medicines and Devices and basically Tetracaine are classed as Personally Administered but Fluorescein is not …unless they contain lidocaine.

HI Amanda, just a quick question – do all Parallel imports need to be on a branded prescription.

It all depends on where the item sits in Part 8a of the Drug Tariff, but as a basic rule, yes, all Parallel imports should be on a branded prescription.

Hi Amanda We have four patients who are dispensed Trajenta 5mg (and it’s prescribed as Trajenta)… Should it be prescribed as Trajenta or generically as Linagliptin? Do you have any advice regarding it’s procurement?

Linagliptin is currently a cat C in the Drug Tariff so doesn’t matter how you prescribe it and as far as I am aware, the only option to dispense is Trajenta. There is a 10% discount from Boehringer + 3.75 Reduced Wholesaler Discount so purchasing from any of the mainline wholesalers will be fine.