11th March 2022 - Source: Amanda Chell

Hi Amanda, we have had a prescription through today for Ivermectin 10mg/g cream 30g, however we can only order Soolantra 45g. Ivermectin has special container rules in the Drug Tariff at 30g- how can we ensure we get paid for the 45g?

I have checked on Dictionary and Medicine and devices and the 30g appears to have been discontinued. I would advise getting the prescription changed to a branded prescription and for 45g.

HI Amanda, please can you clarify something for me. The January generics above tariff list shows that Methotrexate 2.5mg tabs in a pack of 28 is above tariff but we use packs of 24. 24 are not listed in the Drug Tariff so how are we getting paid?

You are correct, packs of 24 are not listed in the Drug Tariff. However, you will get paid pro-rata if your prescription states 24 Methotrexate tablets. Also, if the Methotrexate pack of 28 went on to the concession list and you prescribed/dispensed 24 -again you would get paid pro-rata.

Hi Amanda. Quick question, I have a script for Aymes 2.0kcal liquid -From what I can see in the drug tariff, this is a Borderline Substance. BUT I can’t remember what this means as far as submitting the prescription. Please could you enlighten me?

ACBS stands for ‘Advisory Committee on Borderline Substances’- this is part 15 of the Drug Tariff – basically its where the ACBS have decided that certain foods and toilet preparations have characteristics of Drugs and therefore can be prescribed. The prescription should be endorsed in the main body (your medical system should do this for you)- you would submit the prescription as normal.