10th May 2022 - Source: Amanda Chell

Hi Amanda, I need some advice regarding the nebido situation?

I understand if the patient doesn’t pay, the best commercial option is to send the prescription

to be dispensed at a local pharmacy as it’s a Drug Tariff Part 2 product. If, however the patient

does pay, should we charge them the £9.35 levy or do we take the hit?

Nebido (for dispensing doctors) is classed as a Personally Administered items

So, if you dispense it for your patient, there is no prescription charge due?

Hi Amanda, Just a quick question please One of our G.Ps often gives patients Mefenamic acid 1 tablet from her bag and does a prescription for it, she then marks it as a PA – is this okay to go through as a Personally Administered item? 

No sorry this would not be classed as Personally Administered by Prescription Services.

If the patients normally pays then a prescription charge is due.

Submitting Mefenamic acid as PA item may result in a Wrong Group Movement and the

surgery will suffer a £9.35 loss.

Hi Amanda, I just wanted to check that there isn’t a Manufacturer Discount Scheme with Fenbid?

I can’t find one anywhere, but the CCG are pushing us to switch all our Ibuprofen gel patients over to Fenbid.

There is no Manufacturer Discount Scheme available for the Fenbids and no

Wholesaler discounts either so it is a loss-making item.

You can however buy both strengths as Parallel Import but the best profit is generically

prescribed and dispense a cheap and cheerful generic.