20th June 2022 - Source: Amanda Chell

Hi Amanda, I need some advice regarding charges for prescriptions please.

Is the number in the box at the bottom left of the prescription, the amount of prescription

charges that you need to take from the patient? I am confused as we have dispensed a

pair of stockings which is 2 charges but the box at the bottom only has a number 1 in it! –

Please advise?

Hi there, the box at the bottom left is how many dispensing fees you are going to receive,

this is not automatically the same as the amount of prescription charges you are going to take.

Hello Amanda,

Quick question please

Are Colomycin 2ml vials and Saline Steri-poules 2.5mls loss making items – should we send to chemist?

With regard to the Colomycin 2ml vials, they are a loss maker but not too expensive so

depends how many you are dispensing at a time, as your dispensing fee could save you.

The Saline Steri-poules have a Manufacturer Discount Scheme with Galen so should be


Hi Amanda,

I hope you are well?

I have a question for you, so we have been asked by the District Nurses to Prescribe VAC Granufoam dressings for a patient but on SystmOne it is in orange which usually means you cannot prescribe it on the NHS. Is this correct? Any help greatly appreciated.

Hi there,

Lovely to hear from you ?

I’ve just looked in the April tariff – page 498 and if the nurse is requesting any of the below, then it is available on prescription on the NHS.

The fact that its orange, might mean that your local CCG don’t allow it.