6th July 2022 - Source: Amanda Chell

Hi Amanda

I wonder if you can throw some light onto why we have had 6 prescriptions returned from Prescription Services for Hypromellose 0.3%/dextran’70 0.1% eye drops. They seem to be in the drug tariff book under Tears natural 11?

Tears Natural 11 are a Drug Tariff Part 9 product (page 510 of the May Drug Tariff)

Anything in part 9 should be written by brand, if not written by brand, then it should be endorsed in the left-hand column, with manufacturer, pack size and price paid.

If generically written and no endorsement, it will get returned.

Hi Amanda

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Just a quick question, I have recently been asked to dispense a prescription for Inclisiran (Leqvio). It’s  made by Novartis and cost price is £45. This injection should be given every 6 months, would this be something better outsourced to the chemist as I can’t see we get any disc from Novartis

Many thanks

Just had a quick look in the tariff and it’s the only item which falls into the new Part 8C of the Drug Tariff

You will get reimbursed £55.00 less clawback. If you can purchase it for £45, then you will make a profit (taking clawback into consideration)

Hi Amanda

Please can I ask a question about ‘third party ordering’ or TPOS. I was under the impression that I would submit my order to my mainline wholesaler and if they didn’t stock it, they would attempt my 2nd line wholesaler – is this correct?

Hi there, no not quite – sorry. The idea of TPOS is that items which are solus to a different wholesaler than your mainline, will be automatically transmitted to your mainline wholesaler. This would also happen if the items were dual wholesaler and one of these was not your mainline. If however the item was something like a generic Candesartan for example and not in stock with your mainline wholesaler, it would not be automatically sent to a 2nd wholesaler -hope that makes sense ?