2nd March 2020 - Source: Amanda Chell

• We have been asked to procure a Decapeptyl injection for a non- dispensing patient. Does this product attract a MDS or should we be sending the prescription to the Pharmacy?
• There is Manufacturer Discount Scheme for Decapeptyl of 20% so definitely one to keep in house.
• We have been asked by our CCG to change all our Seroquel patients over to Biquelle – is this the commercially correct for our dispensary?
• The best reimbursement is to prescribe generically and get reimbursed as Seroquel and either dispense Biquelle or a cheap and cheerful generic.
• We have been recently told that if we have a Statement of Authority, our dispensers can sign the FP10CDF on behalf of the GP – is this correct?
Yes that is correct, you can find a template of a Statement of Authority on the DDA website.