28th November 2022 - Source: Amanda Chell

Hi Amanda,

Hope your well?

Last week we sent off our resubmissions for the end of month. we had over 15 resubmissions for Hypromellose 0.3% eye drops 10ml.

Do you know why this is the case please?


Hi there,

I have had loads of queries about the Hypromellose.

Hypromellose 0.3% eye drops were removed from part 8a of the Drug Tariff in June this year-

They do however still have a listing in Part 9 of the Drug Tariff.

So, as it is in Part 9, anything in part 9 needs to be either written by brand or be endorsed in the left-hand column.

Hi Amanda,

I just want to check I am correct in my understanding of this?

We had a patient bring in a prescription for Norethisterone 350mcg 84 tablets take one daily.

She’s using it for contraception and when she took it to a local pharmacy,

they tried to charge her because the prescription does not have a ‘CC’ on it.

Hi, hope you are well?

Norethisterone 350mcg is listed in the ‘free contraception list’ on page 1107 of the September Drug Tariff.

So, the pharmacy are incorrect as the prescription does not need to be endorsed with CC.

It’s a no charge prescription.

Hi Amanda,

Can I ask you a question please?

Should I be claiming for the Shingles vaccine on FP10 or the vaccine report?

I believe you source the Singles vaccine through Central stores and the practice doesn’t actually pay for it- hence you cannot claim on either FP10 or the Vaccine report.