9th January 2023 - Source: Amanda Chell

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Our ICB are pushing us to prescribe Salamol by brand rather than Salbutamol – am I correct in thinking if we do this the dispensary will make a small loss on each? At the moment we prescribe generically and dispense Salamol. From what I can see on DM+D they’d reimburse us £1.46 for Salamol but reimburse us £1.50 for the generic? We get salamol sent via our wholesaler for £1.15 currently.

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You are absolutely right; the best commercial option is to prescribe generically and dispense Salamol.

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We are having to administer at the surgery Nebido Injection, and I was wondering if this would be better for the prescription to be dispensed at the local pharmacy?

I don’t think there is any wholesale discount on the Nebido. Is there a standard P/A fee for every item and if so do you know how much this is, although I cannot imagine this will make up the short fall.

I am thinking about sending the prescription to the local Pharmacy but wanted to check your depths of knowledge first!

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So as with most areas of dispensing doctor- nothing is straight forward.

You have already said the Nebido is being administered at the surgery so only 1 VAT claim.

I’ve worked it out for you below.

· List price of Nebido is £87.11 (no wholesaler discount applies) + VAT at £17.42 = total payment is £104.53

Reimbursement as follows:

· List price £87.11 less clawback of 11.18% = £77.37 + VAT at 20%= reimbursement of £92.84 + average disp fee of £2.00 = £94.84.

So purchasing and administering on site = loss of approx. £10.00

It is complicated as the VAT reclaim is paid through your PCSE statement – worked out at list price less clawback + VAT at 20%

So my suggestion would be to outsource your Nebido patients who do not pay as we class Nebido as PA and no levy is due.

If a paying patient takes a Nebido to a local pharmacy – pharmacy cannot PA anything (not a facility in pharmacy world) so the patient would pay £9.35.

If however the patient administered the Nebido at home, then the VAT claim would be different.

So I would only outsource exempt patients and I would take the financial hit with patients who do pay.

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Quick question

When one of our G.Ps uses medication from his or her doctors  bag, can I  raise a script for these items, or do the docs just have to absorb this cost?


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Depends what the item is – if the item is classed as personally administered such as a Stemetil inj for example, then definitely raise a script as no levy is due.

If the patient is age exempt or has other exemption, then again yes raise a script.

However, if the doctor administers for example a Salbutamol inhaler and the patient is of paying status, then its up to you whether you charge the patient or absorb the cost.

Hope that makes sense?