8th February 2023 - Source: Amanda Chell


Could I pick your brains please Amanda?   

With Omeprazole 20mg GR Capsules being in very short supply recently, we have bought some in at £2.50, do you know if these are on concession? Do I need to endorse the scripts on the left-hand side?


Hi there,

Omeprazole 20mg went on concession in November at £2.60 but we can’t guarantee that will happen in December or January.

So, you will need to be putting the Omeprazole prescriptions to one side and making a note of price paid etc to see if they concede in December and January

Sorry it’s a massive task and just at the wrong time of year!!

Hope that all makes sense?

Hi Amanda

Just working on our monthly dispensary tracker spreadsheet as part of our routine dispensary profit monitoring. However, have taken a moment to reconcile and check that our income and expenditure data is correct/accurate, the question has been raised about where the income from paid prescriptions is shown on the spreadsheet.


The reason that the levies taken is not shown on the commercial tracker is because you take the levies off the patient but prescription services then take the levies off what you are reimbursed.

So basically – its cost neutral.

Hi Amanda

Quick question

Do the codeine combination products, like co-codamol etc class as schedule 5 CD or not?


Hi there,

Yes, they are classed as a Schedule 5 but have a 6-month expiry on the prescription unlike schedule 2, 3 and 4 which only have 28-day validity.