4th October 2023 - Source: Amanda Chell



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I have had a script for Fluorescein 1% eye drops 0.5ml unit dose.  The doctor has written “PA” the script.  Is this classed as a personally administered item?

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If its just Fluorescein 1% then no its not PA

However, if its Fluorescein with Lidocaine then Yes it is PA.

It’s the lidocaine that makes the difference!


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Quick question, do you know how much we lose per patient on Abbott freestyle libre? We have an increasing number of patients now being prescribed it and I know we lose on each prescription. There was talk of us giving a script to the patient to pick up in a pharmacy. I was just trying to find out how much per month we are losing before we make a decision on what we do – Many thanks


I am very well thanks, hope all is good with you?

Depends how many libre you are putting on a prescription.

Most patients are having 2 on each script so £35 each = £70.00 (no discount given from Abbott)

Less Clawback means you only get reimbursed £62.17 – you will receive a dispensing fee, currently average is £2.30 = £64.67 means you lose £5.33.

It’s a difficult one to outsource – some practices are putting 4 on a prescription and sending out to local pharmacy so the patient is inconvenienced less.

Freestyle Libre is NOT a loss for pharmacy as it falls into Part 2 of the Drug Tariff – anything in Part 2 – Pharmacy don’t suffer the clawback – we (dispensing doctors) suffer clawback on everything!

Hope that all makes sense?

Hi Amanda,

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Just a quick question. Where possible, I’m prescribing Nitrofurantoin as 50mg tablets rather than 100mg M/R capsules… Is this still the most commercially attractive way of prescribing Nitrofurantoin? Thanks.


Best profit at the moment is the Nitro 100mg caps – the only thing to consider here is it’s a Cat A so the reimbursement can change monthly