5th April 2024 - Source: Amanda Chell


Hi Amanda,

Quick question, paying customer two items, item 1 is Prednisolone 5mg Tablets, item 2 is Prednisolone 2.5mg g/r tablets, is that one charge or two? I think its two, but someone has handed it out taking only one charge for it.

HI there,

Hope you are ok?

You are correct, it should have been 2 charges.

The surgery will suffer the extra missing charge as a Wrong Group Movement!

Basically the surgery is going to end up paying the extra £9.65.

Hi Amanda,

Do you know if we can order the Feno mouthpieces and claim back via FP10?

Hi there,

I have just checked and the product has the CE mark on it.

Anything with a CE mark on it has to be listed in the Drug Tarif and unfortunately this item is not listed so no, it cannot be claimed on Prescription