11th January 2021 - Source: Amanda Chell

• Can you help us with an expensive drug? Ozempic, cost is £73.25 and drug tariff is £73.25. We can order it from AAH and Alliance, but we cannot see a discount on it. We have found out that it is made by Novo Nordisk (?), but that’s where we have come to a halt! Any help would again be appreciated!
• You are correct, Ozempic is a Novo Nordisk product and as far as I am aware is only available through Alliance. This is a fridge line so it will be a zero-wholesale discount product. As long as your V.A.T claim is correct, you should about break even.
• Having received the new guidance from NHSBSA regarding signing the back of FP10s on behalf of patients and being asked to annotate “Covid-19” in place of a signature.
We have continued signing on behalf of patients ever since first lockdown as hadn’t received any guidance to stop and it saves passing the script to and from the patient.
How important is it that we sign Covid-19 compared to continuing to sign our signatures on behalf?
• I would suggest signing Covid-19 as requested, just to be on the safe side.
• We have started prescribing Vagirux vaginal tablet instead of Vagifem but have noticed that Vagirux only comes with 1 applicator – is this going to be a problem if splitting the pack?
• Interesting question and yes that will be a problem so DDS would suggest prescribing and dispensing the original pack size only when it comes to Vagirux.