20th July 2021 - Source: Amanda Chell

Hi Amanda, please can you confirm something for me? Is part 2 of the Drug Tariff relevant for Dispensing Doctors?

Sorry no, Part 2 of the Drug Tariff is only relevant for Pharmacy. Basically, if the pharmacy dispenses anything which falls into Part 2, they will not suffer clawback. We as Dispensing Doctors, get clawed back on every prescription we submit to prescription services.


Hi Amanda, I have a question about the Estring Pessary – is this classed as a Personally administered item if the patient has the pessary fitted at the surgery?

I have just checked on Dictionary of Medicines and Devices and the Estring pessary is not classed as Personally Administered regardless of who fits it so if the patient is of paying status, then a charge of £9.35 will apply.


Hi Amanda, quick question – our prescriptions for Sildenafil are not being endorsed via Emis with SLS- is this now off the SLS scheme?

Yes, that is correct, Sildenafil came off the SLS scheme in August 2014. Viagra (the brand) however is still on the SLS scheme.