12th August 2021 - Source: Amanda Chell

Hi Amanda, just a query- I am doing end of month and I have found a number of prescriptions for Hydroxocobalamin. The patients are of paying age but no prescription charge has been taken – is this correct?

Yes, Hydroxocobalamin is classed as a personally administered item and so attracts no prescription charge. This rule is for dispensing doctors only. If the prescription was dispensed by a pharmacy, then the patient would have to pay a prescription charge.

Hi Amanda, are you aware of anywhere we can purchase Prolia at a cheaper price than what is listed on the wholesaler website?

Sorry no I don’t know of any where to purchase Prolia from which would be any cheaper. My suggestion would be to send the prescription to a local pharmacy and get it dispensed with them. The item is a fridge line and so will attract no wholesaler discount but you will still get clawed back when you are reimbursed (making a significant loss).

Hi Amanda, I have received an outpatient request for a child asking for a prescription for Ethyl Chloride- is this available on FP10 as when I try and prescribe it on SystmOne it is ‘greyed out’?

Hi, no I don’t believe you can prescribe Ethyl Chloride on FP10 – I would refer the patient back to the original prescriber.