3rd September 2021 - Source: Amanda Chell

Hi Amanda,

I was hoping you could help me with a couple of questions I have about PA’s. I put the prescriptions through at the end of the month with the Sutures, lidocaine etc, but do we get any additional payments as it’s a PA? I know the items are PA items and I know we get our usual prescription payments but just wanted to check what else we get, is it something to do with VAT? I have read that we are reimbursed VAT automatically from the PPD on these items is that correct?

Yes, you are correct.

You will receive either NHS list price or tariff price less clawback + a dispensing fee.

When you purchase the product, you will pay VAT on the item at 20%.

You will exclude the PA items from the manual VAT claim as you receive a payment through Open Exeter for the VAT on PA items. This payment is calculated at tariff, less clawback X 20% VAT. (so you don’t receive all the VAT back as they remove 11.18% from it)

Hi Amanda,

Quick question… 

We have a patient on Ivabradine 5mg, they have been Out of Stock for a while. We do have a Procoralan 5mg on the shelf. I’ve had a look in Drug Tariff but can’t seem to find the brand? 

Do I need to change it to the brand on the prescription? There’s obviously a massive difference in price with the brand.

  • Yes, you definitely need to alter the generic prescription to state the branded name Procoralan.
  • The reason Procoralan is not in the drug tariff is because the patent went a while ago and it now sits in the Drug Tariff as a category M with a reimbursement price of £4.59. Procoralan will cost you £40.17!

Hi Amanda,

Hope you are well?

I am getting requests from our asthma nurses to prescribe Bricanyl Turbohaler. I think this is a loss-making item. I can’t find a Parallel Import in stock when checked the wholesaler website.

I wondered if you kindly check and let me know if this is the case and have no option than absorb the loss. thanks

You are right, it is a loss-making item but the dispensing fee will prop up the loss.

So, I would carry on dispensing as you are still making £1.50/inhaler. I have popped a table below with the approx. profits for a Bricanyl Turbohaler.

Bricanyl list price

Less clawback 11.18%

5% discount from AZ








Dispensing fee approx. £2.00

£1.50 total profit