12th February 2020 - Source: Amanda Chell

• We have been told that with the introduction of EPS release 4, we will now have to service our dispensing patients via EPS
• DDS have done some investigating and think there has been some misguided information given. EPS release 4 is mainly covering non-dispensing patients who have not got a pharmacy nomination but can be given an EPS token. For more information use the link below

• How should we be prescribing our Sereflo inhalers
• The best reimbursement is to prescribe generically as the reimbursement is based on Seretide which is the originator brand.

• Our CCG are asking us to change all our Co-Codamol patients onto Zapain. Is this the best commercial option?
Basically, if you prescribe the prescription as the Brand Zapain, the reimbursement will be the Zapain price and you will need to dispense Zapain. There is no MDS and very little WD so is not the best commercial option. The best commercial option is to prescribe generically and then dispense the cheapest Co-Codamol you can source.