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3rd November 2023 - Source: Amanda Chell



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Does the Dukoral Cholera vaccine get 2 dispensing fees as it shows as 2 items on the prescription?

Yes I have just checked DMD and you will get 2 dispensing fees for the Dukoral Cholera.

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Do you know anything about Testogel 50mg/5ml? We’ve got a prescription for it but I can’t find the item on any wholesaler. I know we’ve had some before but according to google it’s no longer supplied in the UK. Only the 40.5mg. Is this right?

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The Testogel 50mg/5ml was discontinued in June this year so you won’t be able to get it – sorry 🙁

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Quick question, do schedule 3 drugs like Diazepam, Gabapentin, Pregabalin have to be collected by the patient within 28 days of the date of the prescription like Schedule 2?

If the answer to this is yes (which I suspect it is) we have been doing it wrong for a VERY long time! 🙁


I am very well thanks -hope all is good with you?

You are correct all schedule 2, 3 and 4 Controlled Drugs have a 28-day expiry.

Just as a FYI Diazepam is a schedule 4 but still has a 28-day expiry