Frequently Asked Questions

4th December 2023 - Source: Amanda Chell


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When we had our training you happened to mention something about Prostap being 2 items….is this something that we should be counting as 2 items when submitting the scripts at the end of a month?

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Yes, Prostap does get 2 dispensing fees, but don’t worry – Prescription services will have picked that up and paid 2 fees.

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We have had some prescriptions returned from Prescription services asking for more information. These items are items which we have amended as a Generic above Tariff. We have added the Manufacturer to the main body and the Manufacturer again and price paid to the left-hand column – what else should we be adding?

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You will also need to add the pack size to the left-hand column. It may seem obvious to you but Prescription services want all the relevant information.

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What is the best way to find out volumes of items which you dispense? We are looking at putting a bulk order together but have no idea on volume?


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You can run searches through Emis and SystMone and product dispensing numbers  but the easiest way is to check your Epact 2 data.