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5th February 2024 - Source: Amanda Chell



Hi Amanda

Hope you’re well?

We’ve had a Referred back item which no longer shows on Emis or Drug Tariff, and is showing on DM+D as discontinued.

On the script it is Isosorbide Dinitrate 40mg MR tablets x 56

When it was originally sent, nothing was endorsed.

I think it should have had Isoket Retard 40 written into the left-hand endorsing column.

But that is now showing on DM+D as discontinued.

Will it be ok to re-submit it with the amendment on the body of the script of Isoket Retard 40, or will they

send it back again for a price? (We can’t find a price because it looks like it’s been withdrawn)

Not 100% sure what to do with this one, your advice would be appreciated please?

Hi there,

I am very well thanks – hope all is good with you?

I would add the info Isoket Retard 40 on the returned prescription – looking on DMD, I think the price was £6.36.

They probably wont need a price but I would put it anyway so it doesn’t come back again.

Hope that makes sense?

Hi Amanda,

Just getting around to reading this newsletter and I noticed this:

1.     Bristol -Myers Squibb

BMS launched a brand-new Manufacturer Discount rebate scheme on their Eliquis 2.5mg & 5mg Tabs range. Alliance customers can benefit from an 82% discount in addition to a 7% wholesale discount. This discount is only available through Alliance/Forte.

So I am taking it from that – it would pay us to prescribe branded and order from Alliance – rather than prescribing and dispensing generic apixaban? To maximise profit – is this correct?

Yes you are correct, scripts need to be prescribed branded (Eliquis) and then purchase Eliquis from Alliance and benefit from an 89% discount.

HI Amanda,

Quick question please?

Is Dianette classed as Contraception?

Hi there,

No, Dianette is not classed as contraception.

If you check page 1119/20 of the January Drug Tariff, it lists all medication which is classed as Contraception (free of levy) – Dianette or the generic version is not listed. If the patient insists they are taking it for Contraception and refuses to pay the levy, the prescription needs to be endorsed in the main body with C.C