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7th March 2024 - Source: Amanda Chell


Hi Amanda

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I can’t remember on Epact how to check if we have been paid for Flu- I have pulled of the Dispensing PDPI report – how do I sort and filter it for Influenza. 

Can you please help me to check it matches? 

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I’ve filtered the data which you sent by adding a filter to line 1 and then using column B, I have filtered items with a Y which means it was claimed on the high-volume vaccine report (FP34D)

Hope this makes sense?

Hello Amanda, 

Do you know if we as dispensing doctors can refund the patient using the FP571008 if they have paid and have an exemption? We have always sent them to community pharmacy for their refund but we have a patient who is complaining

If so, what is the process afterwards with getting the money back?

Hi there,

There is information in the Drug Tariff which relates to refunds however the information is a little misleading. If you log onto Community Pharmacy England and search for refunds, their response is much clearer but basically no -Dispensing Doctors cannot offer refunds of Levys paid- it has to be a pharmacy only.

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Happy New Year!

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Do you know where I should check to find out the RWA of Utrogestan, I was told it was now part of the RWA but cannot find this on the website. Any ideas?

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I’ve just looked on the wholesaler RWA product listing and its showing as NQ which is Non Qualifying – basically no wholesaler discount

I have also checked the other wholesalers and they shows as zero discount as well.

Hope that all makes sense?