Frequently Asked Questions

10th June 2024 - Source: Amanda Chell


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Can you confirm.  When counting the script do we have to keep the “PA” scripts at the front on each Dr for sending off to the pricing authorities?

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The PA items just need to be counted in- doesn’t matter if they are at the top or bottom.

Hope that makes sense?

Hi Amanda,

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Our nurse has started prescribing Tirzepatide/Mounjato injections – they are £92.00 on AAH ☹

Do you know much about? If there is a deal or where is best to order them from?


So… no deal on Mounjato however it is classed as PA so you will receive a PA payment. If the patient takes it away themselves (dispensed) then you will be able to claim the VAT back as a dispensed item.

HI Amanda,

I wonder if you would be able to clarify something for me. What is our best margin on Nitrofurantion 50mg – is it tablets or capsules?

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Please see below:

50mg capsules – Drug Tariff  £2.72

50mg tablets -Drug Tariff  £11.74

You do need to shop around on this one as purchase prices are varying massively.

I have found the 50mg capsules at £1.56 through OTC and the 50mg tablets at £10.14 through Bestway – so currently best margin is on capsules.

The problem with all of this is that tariff prices change (Category M quarterly) and generic purchase prices can change daily.

But at the moment – 50mg capsules has the best margin.