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2nd July 2024 - Source: Amanda Chell


Hi Amanda,

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I have a question; do you know if Scandishake powder sachets vanilla is a loss maker?

We have a patient who has 10 packs a month. I managed to get a PI but it still costs about £185.

I can’t find a price for it in the drug tariff and I think I’m having a blonde moment 😊

Hi there,

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List price for Scandishake is £20.64 for 6 sachets – there is no UK discount on them!

The price isn’t listed in the Drug Tariff, I found the reimbursement price on DMD.

If the prescription has 10 packs, then the value of the prescription is £206.40.

After clawback, you will have only been reimbursed £183.32 – you will have received around £2.00 for a dispensing fee so you will just about break even.

Ideally if you could have dispensed multiple flavours, then you would have received additional dispensing fees but it looks like the patient only wants Vanilla 😊

Hi Amanda, 

Hope you are well. 

I see Rivaroxaban is now generic and as it is still being paid at the branded price in the DT, I wanted to make sure we benefit from this. 

Do you have any idea when this is likely to be reflected in the drug tariff and moved from Cat C?


Hope you are well?

I’ve just checked July Drug Tariff and Rivaroxaban has no mention in the ‘other changes’ so we are probably safe for another month or so.

Hi Amanda,

Hope you’re well?

Can I just check if we amend a generic prescription where the generic is over tariff price,  is there a way we can check down the line that we are paid the amended price by the PPD?


Yes you would  be able to check this on ePACT 2 data 😊