Frequently Asked Questions

26th May 2020 - Source: Amanda Chell

• We have been advised that we should be doing more home deliveries for our dispensing practices due to Covid 19. The problem we have is that we will need to use delivery drivers who have not worked for us in the past and so not had a DBS check. Would it be appropriate for us carry out a risk assessment and declaration on each new driver whilst waiting for the DBS check to come back?
• DDS would advise checking with your CCG and CQC but in light of the current situation, they will most probably agree this is the safest route.
• Due to the huge shortage of inhalers, we are having to purchase Ventolin Evohaler instead of the cheaper version. How should we be prescribing the Ventolin?
• Either generically or branded. Salbutamol cfc free inhaler sits in the Drug Tariff as a Cat C with the reimbursement based on Ventolin so it doesn’t matter which way you prescribe in this instance.
• We have recently received a request for a SOMAerect Vacuum Erection Device. I cannot see them in the Drug Tariff. Should we issue an FP10 and order in for the patient or give the patient the prescription to take away?
• If you look at page 561 of the March tariff, seems like they are listed.
• I would however think there will be no wholesale discount and its expensive so I would suggest raising a prescription and seeing if your Dispensing Appliance Contractor can supply if not ask the patient to take the prescription to a local pharmacy