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11th May 2023 - Source: Amanda Chell



Hi Amanda,

I’ve had a nurse practitioner put through Estradiol 7.5mcg/24hr vaginal delivery system as a Personally Administered item – I can’t see on the DM+D it has the ‘attracts an admin fee’ listed – does that mean it can’t go through as a PA?

Hi there,

Is it the Estring pessary?

If so, it’s not PA, its HRT and attracts a prescription charge- upsets the patient terribly as they don’t expect to pay!

Hi Amanda

Omeprazole 20 mg/5l solution is very expensive and we use it for 3 patients costing us £1296 per month. I need to know whether it is a straight loss or is there  a profit to be made?

Hi hope you are ok?

I’ve had a look at this one and I can’t find anything to purchase which would leave any margin.

I would suggest sending the prescription to pharmacy as its Part 2 item, pharmacy wouldn’t make the loss that you make.

Hope that makes sense?

Hi Amanda,

Sorry to trouble you. I’ve had a nurse put through Dukoral Cholera Oral Suspension Vaccine as a PA – I can see on DM+D it attracts an administration fee – but it also says prescription charge fee 1.

Should the patient have paid for this as she’s 21?

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Hope you are well?

Basically, it is a PA item and you wouldn’t charge the patient a prescription charge for it.

If you look on DMD, all PA items will state a charge.

This is because DMD list criteria for Dispensing Doctors and Pharmacy …. And Pharmacy don’t have the facility to ‘PA’ anything.

So, if that Prescription went to Pharmacy and the patient is of paying status, they would pay £9.65 in pharmacy.