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3rd July 2023 - Source: Amanda Chell



 Hi Amanda,

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I just wanted to pick your brains.

Do the nurses need to generate a prescription for xylocaine 10mg spray multi-use 50ml bottle?? They use this for coil fits.

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Hope you are well?

Are you referring to the item below?

Lidocaine 10mg/dose spray sugar free – 50 ml?

If it is, then yes raise a prescription – its classed as Personally Administered so no Levy due.

Hi Amanda

Just a quick query. One of our GPs has read in the paper and seen on the news that pharmacies will be restricted to supplying one month of HRT medication instead of the 3 month or 6 month often given now.

Will this only affect pharmacies, or will dispensing GP practices have to follow this rule as well?

I presume it’s to do with the HRT prepayment and to protect from shortages?

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There has been Serious Shortages Protocols for HRT items around for the last 12 months due to supply issues.

There has also been a recent SSP issued for Utrogestran 100mg capsules. Pharmacist are only allowed to dispense a maximum of 2 months supply for every prescription so women can keep accessing the medication.

I am unsure at this stage if this is expanded to Dispensing Doctors.

Hi Amanda,

I hope you are well.

I wanted to pick your brains.

Would I be right in thinking that for Revaxis vaccinations, we would only raise a prescription for travel and not for children that have missed their vaccines from school?


Yes, you are correct – Children Revaxis should come from Central store and so no prescription should be raised.