Frequently Asked Questions

31st July 2023 - Source: Amanda Chell



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Can I just confirm that we will make a profit giving Cetraxal plus and a loss giving Otomize? I can see we get a 20% discount with Cetraxal but nothing with Otomize.

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You are correct, there is no discount with Otomize however Cetraxal has a Manufacturer Discount Scheme of 20% giving a healthy profit.

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I believe that Jardiance is a Boehringer product… Do you know what the discount we get through AAH for this is?

And do you know whether Forxiga (Astra Zeneca) has a more commercially attractive discount scheme than Jardiance?


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You are correct, Jardiance is a Boehringer product.

It attracts a retrospective rebate of 13.75% (10% Manufacturer discount scheme and 3.75% as a reduced wholesaler discount)

Forxiga gets a flat 12% and it is taken off invoice price, however if you use a significant amount (ie over 21 packs in a quarter) you will receive an additional 28% – this discount is paid retrospectively.

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Can you please let us know if we’ve taken on a dispenser with a 1000 hours dispensing time in a different dispensary does that carry over or does that 1000 hours start again?


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Is the dispenser NVQ2 qualified?

If so the DSQS criteria is that they have to be NVQ2 qualified and carried out 1000 hours in the dispensary – once this has happened, the dispenser can work unsupervised.

It doesn’t matter where the 1000 hours was carried out however you would still supervise a new dispenser until they were confident working at a new dispensary.