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7th September 2023 - Source: Amanda Chell

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I have a couple of queries regarding the formulary that we are using. First is Gaviscon – why do we use Gaviscon and not peptac, second is oral nutritional supplements; I’ve met with the Abbott rep recently and she has gone through our account and discount scheme for ensure products – we receive a 27% discount on all ensure products but it doesn’t look like certain ensure products are included on the ICB formulary and I couldn’t see any ONS on our local formulary – is this something you can help me with?


I am very well thanks – hope all is good with you?
The reason you should be using Gaviscon is that there is a 14 – 20% Manufacturer Discount Scheme available (depending on wholesaler) on the 250ml and 500ml. There is no discount available on Peptac.

With regard to Oral Nutritional supplements, there is a 27% Manufacturer Discount Scheme available on Ensure.
With regard to the ICB, they wont be interested in any MDS available for a dispensing doctor – hope that makes sense?

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Do we need an independent witness for destruction of Returned Schedule 2 Controlled Drugs as well as for Out of Date ones?

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No you don’t, patient returns you can destroy yourself with a suitable witness from the practice.

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Quick question about Standard Operating Procedures if that’s ok. I’m working on them to get them ready for DSQS and I was wondering, do I archive every SOP every year even if I haven’t made any changes or do I only archive an SOP if I’ve changed something?

Hi there,
Basically you update your S.O.Ps every year- some will have amendments and some wont however you need to be able to produce an updated version of each S.O.P (if asked to do so)
So each year you will have a complete file of S.O.Ps.