Frequently Asked Questions

27th September 2019 - Source: Amanda Chell

If a drug is on the Concessions list, do we still need to amend the prescription?
If the drug is on the Concession list and the Concession price covers what you have paid, then no amendment is required. If, however the drug doesn’t go onto Concession list or goes on and the price paid is under what you have paid, then an amendment in the main body of the prescription is required.

Our CCG has asked us to change all our Tolterodine 4mg M/R capsules to Neditol 4mg XL, will this remain profitable?
Currently Tolterodine 4mg M/R is sitting in the Drug Tariff as a Category C with the reimbursement price based on Detrusitol. Prescribing this generically and dispensing the generic is very profitable for the dispensary. However Neditol is cheaper for the Drug Budget and does attract a Manufacturer Discount through Aspire.

I have recently had some prescriptions returned from Prescription Services for Sutures as they have been disallowed- why is this?
Part 9 of the Drug Tariff lists all sutures which are allowable on FP10- check pages 518 and 519 to see which they are.