November Drug Tariff News

6th November 2018 - Source: Amanda Chell

Drug Tariff News
By Amanda Chell

Additions to November 2018 Drug Tariff Part 8a

55 items have been added to November Drug Tariff but below are ones which I think are of interest.

Ivabradine 2.5mg tablets has gone into November Drug Tariff as a Cat A product, reimbursement of £42.68. Ivabradine 5mg and 7.5mg have been in the tariff for a while now, both Cat M. Please take care when purchasing Ivabradine 2.5mg as there is a huge variation in purchase price ranging from £40.00 to over £66.00.

Methyl salicylate 30% / Menthol 8% cream has gone into the Drug Tariff from November with the reimbursement based on Deep Heat Maximum Strength at £2.87 for 35g. Previously if you had dispensed a generically written prescription for this product, you would have needed to endorse in the left-hand column with the manufacturer, pack size and the price paid. This endorsement is no longer required.

Paroxetine 40mg tablets has gone into the Drug Tariff as a category A product. Please take care when purchasing this product as reimbursement price is £19.56, however purchase price ranges from £16.00 to over £25.00!

Deletions to November 2018 Drug Tariff Part 8a

Only one product has been removed from the November Drug Tariff- Emulsifying ointment 500g

However, Ovelle Emulsifying Ointment 500g is still a part 9 product with the reimbursement price at £4.15 so this is still an option if you need to supply for a patient.

Items which have been removed from the Drug Tariff can still be prescribed and dispensed, but you would need to provide prescription services with extra information in the left-hand column relating to pack size, price paid and manufacturer.

Other changes to November 2018 Drug Tariff Part 8a

Metformin M/R tablets 1g and 500mg is based on Glucophage which is the originator brand however the list price of Glucophage has dropped from £5.32 to £4.00 for the 500mg and £8.52 to £6.40 for the 1g so please ensure you are still purchasing under drug tariff price.

Macrogol compound oral powder sachets NPF sugar free has moved from a Category C to a Category A – the reimbursement price has stayed the same but this is one to watch.

Terazosin 10mg tablets has dropped from a Category C to a Category A product so now generically available. There is a substantial profit to be made as reimbursement price is £7.92 but you can purchase as little as £3.42

Please note that there has been an extra Category M price drop in November so many generics are now priced higher than Drug Tariff reimbursement.
If you need more guidance on the process of identifying and amending the prescription, please contact Amanda Chell directly.